Jean-Paul Thiéblot, General Director, CIREM

Trying to describe the entrepreneurial businesswoman that is Chia-Yi is like trying to describe a tornado: pictures are more fitting than words, and even more so as communication - notably graphic communications, therefore visual - is precisely one area of expertise in which she excels. As my former students at university, consultant colleagues or clients would tell you: I place the bar high and I don't praise easily, but the fact is that Chia-Yi is in a class of her own. Past herinterpersonal skills and charisma that create a very strong personality, we quickly see a talented person and a fighter that no-one and nothing can stop once she has her eyes on the prize. It is thus not surprising that Marie-France Bazzo invited her to participate in a show, for a whole season, where a panel of young immigrants present their view on the evolution of Quebec's society. To embellish it all: she does much more than just sell, she delivers solutions and will not stop until the client is fully satisfied. I am speaking from experience, having had the opportunity to work with her on cases that were far from easy.

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