The Honourable Martin Cauchon, Canadian politician and entrepreneur

A pioneer and pillar. In one of the articles written by Jack Welch, entitled "What it really takes to succeed?", It is suggested that thousands of books have been written by a myriad of experts that they have succeeded by the confidence they have had in them. True, strong belief is a cornerstone in this quest for success. More positively, I would rephrase to say that these leaders, like Chia-Yi Tung, have adopted a positive attitude in addition to being visionary! Her path to success is filled with challenges and opportunities. This message that Chia-Yi Tung communicates with conviction is authentic; she has experienced it. The difference, therefore, between the one who believes deeply and the one that is successful is based essentially on her "guts", on the person who will know through the difficulties invest her energy and be persevering. As an international marketing specialist, Chia-Yi has demonstrated an overflowing creativity that she still shares with us.

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