Brand you to China [Naming]

Brand you to China [Naming]


Start with why! Why do you need to develop a powerful Chinese brand name?

  • Brand pronunciation: most Chinese can’t pronounce/remember easily an English name, even though, it doesn’t mean much to them.

  • Brand protection: Matthew J. Bassiur, VP of IP enforcement of Alibaba Group and ex-Apple, reminds entrepreneurs to protect their trademarks in both English and Chinese when doing business in China.

  • Brand identity: from tadpole to tasteful, from mistake to success, Coca-Cola changed its brand perception from old name to the new one.

  • Brand connotation: think hundred times before you buy, what BestBuy’s Chinese brand name evokes has led to its failure in China.

  • Brand positioning: Home Depot needs to adapt its strategy from “DIY - Do it by yourself” in USA to “Do it for me” in China.

  • Brand perception: from California to global success, Thinkwell Group’s big wins with its Chinese brand name “Creator and Thinker of the Future” created by Orchimedia.

  • Brand promise: from defending the planet to clever way of taking great care of your dogs, Earth Rated speaks out proudly about their USP within Chinese market.

Orchimedia’s proven “Brand you to China” methodology:

  • Kick-off with your executive team to truly understand your brand’s core values, vision, market segmentation, offering and the differences you want to bring into the new market – mainland China.

  • Chinese brand name development - a creative and pragmatic naming process to funnel from 30,000 Chinese characters down to your specific industry to 2-4 character-long name.

  • Competitive landscape research and brand differentiation strategy.

  • This Chinese name will culturally resonate both emotionally and logically with your targeted Chinese partners and consumers.

  • 1 round alternation once we will receive your trademark agent’s research result and feed-back.

Example of our Chinese brand naming creation report:

  • English brand name: Thinkwell Group

  • Chinese brand name (short name): 思客未来 sī kè wèi lái

  • Chinese business name (full legal name): 思客未来国际建筑规划设计咨询(北京)有限公司 sī kè wèi lái  International Architecture Planning and Design Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

  • Creation approach: sound-alike and meaningful

  • Brand pronunciation: 思客未来 sī kè wèi lái: [思=sī=thin] [客=kè=k] [未=wèi=we] [来=lái=ll]

  • Brand identity: [思客=thinker] + [未来=future] = Creator and Thinker of a bright and promising future / The future belongs to creators and thinkers

  • Brand connotation: a group who is positive, proactive, creative yet thoughtful

  • Brand positioning: Thinkwell Group is an international consulting firm of architecture planning and designs. They are a team of proactive thinkers, dedicated to build a bright and promising future with their global clients.

You will receive a link by email to schedule a kick-off session following the completion of this order. You need to plan 4-8 weeks project timeline before submitting your new Chinese brand/business name to your trademark agent.

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