Official Weibo account setup

Official Weibo account setup


Why more than 1.08 billion people are using WeChat daily to communicate with their community and to do business with?

WeChat is an all-in-one Chinese app including messaging, social media, mobile payment, eCommerce (mCommerce) and many other functions!

Why should you set up an official WeChat account for your brand/business/corporation?

  • to build brand recognition and brand loyalty into Chinese market

  • to be perceived by Chinese consumers as a serious company who wants build relationships with China

  • to ultimately increase your sales through online/offline presence and direct/indirect channels

  • to improve your customer service

If you are a non China business with oversea/foreign business license, we can setup a WeChat official subscription or service account for you. Our service includes:

  • WeChat official account setup

  • Account name submission (you should provide 3 names in order of priority)

  • Verification of this official WeChat account with Tencent

  • Creation of an auto-reply message welcoming every new member of your account

  • Setup of auto-reply messages for up to 15 keywords. When users send a message with a given keyword, they will receive a reply. Up to 200 words in total (Unique text and image content is extra)

  • Custom menu creation, which can include 3 first-level menu links and 15 second-level menu links. Links can point to WeChat posts or to a web URL (content creation not included)

  • Activation of customer service function (for service accounts only)

Good to know:

  • A subscription account is listed in a sub-folder in WeChat. Chinese WeChat users follow a lot of accounts so it’s easier for them to miss if your account is hidden in a sub-folder. However, this kind of account can be updated daily with up to 8 articles per post.

  • A service account appears alongside users’ messages and on the front page of WeChat. This type of accounts works with WeChat tools such as mini-site, mini-programs, e-payments and WeChat stores. However, you can only post up to 4 times per month and each post can contain up to 8 articles.

  • For a verified subscription or service account, an admin can be added to the account. To be an admin, Tencent needs to bind the admin’s personal WeChat account with a bank card from a bank in mainland China (set up with a Chinese ID)

  • Accounts with “University name” or “Country name” or other related words cannot be verified unless the university has a business entity in mainland China


  • Valid foreign business license

  • Account name and other basic information

  • Trademark registration certificate

  • Official bank card number

  • Operator’s ID or passport (front and back)

  • Operator’s 3-month mobile phone bills (screenshots to the online business hall with names, phone numbers and mobile phone bills)

  • Seal or signature


14 business days or longer


  • CAD$3,000 before applicable tax will be billed annually in the beginning of each year

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